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We Sue Insurance Companies On Behalf Of Insureds Denied Coverage

While insurance policy language may seem clear, insurers sometimes minimize or refuse to pay claims which you have a right to receive. When negotiation cannot resolve an insurance coverage dispute, working with an experienced trial attorney can move the process along.

At James Dodge Russell & Stephens, P.C., our attorneys handle a wide range of insurance coverage disputes involving homeowners’, business and motor vehicle policies.

Utah’s insurance regulations, statutes and case law are a complex weave of requirements for underwriting, procurement, coverage, policy binding and handling claims. Our attorneys use a team approach negotiating and litigating on our clients’ behalf.

Before heading to the courtroom for litigation, our attorneys work through negotiation and arbitration to fully address a breach of contract, breach of duty claims and other conflicts. Our straightforward, practical methodology helps our clients with their claims handling.

Business Policyholder Representation

As a matter of course, business owners and corporate policyholders have policies to cover the risks of liability for business losses, employees, professional indemnity, as well as for covering:

  • General liability
  • Product liability
  • Property damage
  • Environmental damage
  • Directors and officers

This is not an exhaustive list. Industry-specific coverage may also include federal motor carrier liability, construction defects or crime losses.

Claim denials can mean a loss of productivity for your business. Our attorneys tailor intelligent strategies to remove the obstacles to full and fair coverage under your policy.

Contact Our Experienced Team Promptly

Insurance disputes take time to properly resolve. Our attorneys assist insureds with their complex insurance coverage disputes. Call James Dodge Russell & Stephens in Salt Lake City, UT at 801-363-6363 to schedule a consultation. You may also contact our attorneys online to initiate a consultation.