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Assert Your Property Rights When Eminent Domain Becomes A Threat

Through a government action known as eminent domain, property owners may be compelled to relinquish part or all of a piece of land for purposes such as:

  • Airport, rail or roadway construction
  • Public utility installations or expansion
  • Construction of bridges, dams or other water features
  • School construction
  • Military use
  • Redevelopment deemed to be in the public interest

James Dodge Russell & Stephens, P.C., in Salt Lake City, UT has represented parties on both sides of eminent domain disputes, including:

  • Property owners fighting seizure of open land or developed properties
  • Property owners subject to eminent domain seeking fair compensation
  • Developers, such as oil companies, seeking to assume land for development through government action on their behalf

We have experience advocating for property owners whose property is being taken through eminent domain proceedings. Whatever your role in an eminent domain case and whatever your objectives are, our team at James Dodge Russell & Stephens offers guidance and solutions. Our collaborative approach means that our team of attorneys will be able to address any angle of your case.

Engaged In A Property Dispute Involving Eminent Domain? Lawyers At Our Salt Lake City, UT Firm Can Represent Your Interests.

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